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IABE Welcomes Journals Sponsorship!
If your university or organization is interested in sponsoring one of our journals, please contact for more details.
•  Your university and school/college will be identified by name & logo on the front cover and the first page of journal you sponsor.
•  We will invite you to nominate one of your faculty members to join as managing editor of the sponsored journal. We hope your university will assist your nominee for managing editor with some administrative support.
•  A link from the IABEhome page to your university/college home page will reach our global membership for the duration of your sponsorship.
•  We will invite you to insert one full-page advertisement about your university/college in the journal to promote your programs.
•  We will acknowledge your university/college in promotional brochures and other materials distributed about the journal.
•  We will acknowledge your sponsorship of the journal during luncheon at the IABE annual conferences.
•  We offer you complementary issues of the journal each year during sponsorship period.
•  We invite the Dean of your School/College to attend the IABE Annual Conference during the sponsorship period (without regular registration fee).
 (We are open to your suggestions with regards these benefits.)
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