Aminat Ahmadu Abubakar, Stratford University, Falls Church, Virginia, U.S.A.

Published in

Volume 18, Issue 2, p5-10, October 2018


Entrepreneurial leaders are accountable for the performance of their organizations. They provide the direction, energy, encouragement, inspiration to the overall employees in the organization. They are aware of their environment of present and emerging industry trends, customer insights, internal organizations capabilities, and competitors’ capabilities, as well as new technological trends in order to have a competitive edge. This is due to the rapid change in the global business environment because of new technology and customer changing needs. As such, high-performance organizations leadership deploys strategic intelligence in their strategic decision-making process. Entrepreneurial leaders need to create value for customers, generate profit for shareholders, and create growth for organizations. Some of the qualities of successful entrepreneurial leaders’ characteristics discussed in this research paper include emotional intelligence, authenticity and integrity, tolerance for risk, decisiveness, and embracing the culture, creativity, and innovation.


authenticity and integrity; decisiveness; embracing the culture, creativity, and innovation; emotional intelligence; entrepreneurial leadership; leadership development; organizational growth; and tolerance for risk

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