Daniel Metz, Babe?-Bolyai University, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Romania

Published in

Volume 18, Issue 3, p31-38, October 2018


The global economy is entering a phase of profound transformation that will lead to major changes in business models. The global economy is moving apace toward digitization and the challenge that businesses need to answer is to be able to transform the current business model into a competitive one in the future. In this context, organizational performance is increasingly important, especially in a dynamic market characterized by intense competition. Ensuring performance or continuous improvement of it is one of the key objectives of management, both at the organization level and the individual and team as well. The results presented in this study are part of extensive research which was aimed at developing a model of organizational performance assessment and analysis to identify and implement best practices of management within a multinational company in Romania. Therefore, in this study we intend to present the impact, influence of management practices effectiveness expressed through strategies and policies, general management and operational management on organizational performance expressed by the following indicators: customer orientation, employee performance and organizational effectiveness. Therefore, we intend to present the analysis of the methods and the extent to which management practices provide improved customer focus, employee performance and organizational effectiveness as indicators of perceived performance of the company. Analyzed statistical population consists of members of a multinational company from Romania which offers IT services. Research sample consists of 148 employees from all departments of the company. The results obtained are based on quantitative research methods and for this purpose we employed the questionnaire as the investigative tool.


Management practices, strategies and policies, general management, operational management, customer orientation, employee performance, organizational effectiveness.

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